Car Paint Protection

Unprotected Interior Unprotected after 1 year Protected after 3 years
Unprotected Car Paint
If left unprotected, deterioration begins from day one. Pollution, acid rain and UV rays will begin to oxidise the paint.
Unprotected after 1 year
The paint has started to oxidise and the grime in the low points can only be cleaned by a cutting polish which removes a layer of paint.
Protected after 3 years
Our high gloss polymer sealant protects the paint from day one. There has been no oxidisation, no accumulation of grime and no reduction in paint thickness.

The high-gloss finish on your new vehicle is the result of ultra-modern painting technology, but if left untreated, deterioration begins from day one. Rain, sun, slush, dirt, mud, pollution – your car’s exterior really has a lot to contend with.

After just one year, pollution, acid rain and ultra-violet rays have begun to oxidise the paint, polishing has removed a layer of the paint and the steady build-up of grime in the low points cannot be removed by washing, only by a cutting polish. This is bad news for any paint!

With Emerald Car Care, your car is protected against the worst that the elements can throw at it from day one. Your paint surface is protected by a hard, clear and smooth coating of our High Gloss Paint Sealant which bonds to the paint’s surface and guarantees that you won’t need to polish your car for at least 3 years! After this length of time, there has been no penetration by ultra-violet rays, pollution or acid rain, and therefore no oxidation. There is no accumulation of grime and no reduction in paint thickness – and that’s good news!

When you’re protected by Emerald Car Care, a simple wash is all it takes to restore your car to the showroom condition you so admired.

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